About Us

Queensland is an Australian state with high standards of an education system. So we have made this site to provide you Queensland School holiday calendar of some of the top schools of the state.

A school holiday calendar tells us beforehand about the schedule of the school. Hence it helps us know us important dates of the school like public holidays, summer and winter break, examination dates, etc. So if we want to participate in any event we can look into the calendar and pre-plan for it beforehand to adjust our study schedules.

So using these calendars you can plan your study schedule for the term by allocating dates to different subjects. You can keep this calendar handy by taking a printout of it. As parents, you need to make sure that your students inculcate a habit of following a schedule from a young age.

So you can use the school calendar to create a daily routine for your child. So it will help them create a balance between studies and play and manage their time efficiently.